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BTCTransit presents real-time costs when moving fiat currency through the international exchange network with Bitcoin. International payments and remittance is one of the first Bitcoin killer apps.

Just select your source and destination currency to see how the transfer costs (or indeed returns) compare to traditional payment and transfer methods.

Bitcoin is a nascent and compelling technology and the infrastructure is growing daily. Watch this space for updates, new exchanges, and user controls.

Current rate for {{src.currency}} to {{dst.currency}} exchange is {{dst.fiatExchangeRate}}. Source: Yahoo Finance.

Top 10 Routes {{src.currency}} -> {{dst.currency}}

Based on available information, we have calculated all possible transfer routes from {{src.currency}} exchanges to {{dst.currency}} and the best options have been listed below. We do not take into account withdrawal fees and the time required to complete transfer.

Buy Bitcoins Sell Bitcoins Value [{{dst.currency}}] Gain/Loss
{{route.srcExchange}} {{route.dstExchange}} {{route.dstValue}} {{route.chng}}% 

Source Exchanges [{{src.currency}}]

Please select source currency first.

Exchange Volume [BTC] BTC Buy [{{src.currency}}]
{{ex.name}} {{ex.volume}} {{ex.bid}}

Destination Exchanges [{{dst.currency}}]

Please select destination currency first.

Exchange Volume [BTC] BTC Sell [{{dst.currency}}]
{{ex.name}} {{ex.volume}} {{ex.bid}}
Data Sources
Currency Exchange Prices
Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin Exchanges

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